At Regenerate we seek to challenge students to pick up their cross daily, regenerating hearts and minds into the likeness of Christ. We are a ministry for middle and high school students. Every week at Regenerate the students will be provided with a time of fellowship amongst fellow believers, an opportunity to spend time worshiping God through music, and a chance to hear a message or teaching from scripture that will help mold their Christian lives.


Regenerate wants YOU to be a youth leader! If you have a heart for young people or feel you have a calling to minister to teenagers we want you to join as well! Regenerate can’t survive with just a youth pastor, we need your help! We need adults who are passionate about this generation! You have the opportunity to speak into their lives and be someone they can look up to, so if you are interested please contact Pastor Josh to get involved.

Every day, moment by moment, your choices add up and either deepen or diminish your life story. So which way are you headed? Are you reaping the benefits of making the right choices consistently? Or are you stuck, always looking for a way around the next set of obstacles? Wherever you find yourself, there is a greater path forward, and you can start today. 


Regenerate Worship Service Sunday nights at 6:00.

Regenerate Small Groups Wednesday nights at 6:30.