Life Groups

Each LIFE (Living In Faith Everyday) group will hang out together enjoying good food and sharing everyday life lessons on the journey of faith the 4th week of every month. Come out, bring a friend for a great time of fellowship, fun, and spiritual encouragement, and let’s do life together!

Hal & Val Conger

Phone Contact: 252-746-8685

The Congers invite young couples and/or families with children to their spacious residence out in the Black Jack community on the 4th Friday of each month.

Tim and Brenda Edwards

Phone Contact: (252) 756-9976

The Bullocks invite all empty nesters to their home.

Hal & Janet Knox

Phone Contact: 252-355-2053

Hal and Janet invite empty nesters and those living alone to their quiet neighborhood home in the Brook Valley community.

Nancy Venuti

Phone Contact: (252) 481-7892

Ms. Venuti invite all individuals and couples to her home for an awesome time of food and fellowship!

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