What is Journey Kids?

At Journey Kids we strive to help children walk through their Journey of Life, teaching them to go into all the world. 


If a child really connects with Christ, they are going to instill life change in someone else; be it a family member, friend, etc. We want to raise up a generation of kids that will be committed to spiritual growth, positive friendships, and sharing the Gospel with anyone who will listen!


Life is a Journey. That is one fact that is unavoidable. One way or the other, you will face things in your life that challenge you. We want our kids to know that no matter what they are going through, they can rely on Jesus to lead them in the right direction (Proverbs 3:5-6). Together, we will go on a journey through Scripture to learn key life principles that will help us journey through life. Journey Kids seeks to teach kids about the truths in the Bible, and how those truths directly apply to situations that they are facing. We want to get them out of seeing the Bible as a storybook, and locked into its power as the Word of God.

Midweek we offer age-appropriate small groups with hands-on activities, and real life application of biblical lessons.